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Wound-Her Woman #33


Position: Blocker but aspiring jammer


Why did you pick your derby name and number?

When I was little I always wanted to be Wonder Woman (Wound-Her Woman). She has super strength, speed, agility, can fly and is an expert in hand to hand combat (everything I would need in roller derby, hope I can live up to the name). I picked the number 33 because it was my mom's high school basketball number and also Larry Bird's.


Year started playing derby:  2019


Birthday: May 10

Favorite Foods: Chinese, Mexican, Hungarian anything but Hummus.


Favorite ice cream:  ice cream and chocolate molten lava cake


Likes: makeup, shoes, sunglasses, animals, DC and Marvel.


Dislikes: SCORPIONS, rude people, sloooow drivers and liars.


Hobbies: Crafts, drawing, karate, motorcycle riding, river fishing and reading.

Other sports you've played: Basketball, co-ed softball and CrossFit (if a month counts?)


What do you like about roller derby?

The bond we have, the boost in my self confidence, every practice and bout is a new challenge and accomplishment.


What is your most impressive derby injury?

Nothing to impressive just some bruising.


Do you have any advice for people thinking about trying derby?

Can’t be a pansy your whole life, DO IT! You’ll probably love it!



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