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Megasoris #9


Position:  Blocker


Birthday: March 5


Year started playing derby: 2015


Likes: MUSIC, documentaries, makeup, puns, adventures 


Dislikes: Waiting in lines, confrontation, cable tv, corduroy, adulting 

Hobbies: Concerts & festivals, playing with my fur family, spending time outside, getting lost in a good book or show. 


Favorite food: Sandwiches (Heavenly buns, Panera) & avocados 

Faorite Ice Cream: Orange Sherbet 


Why did you pick your name and number?

Megasoris is my crazy alter ego, my not so quiet side. I chose number 9 because of The Beatles Revolution #9. 

What is your favorite thing about derby?

I like that it makes me feel strong & work to be stronger. It pushes my boundaries physically & empowers me mentally. I love the teamwork. Everyone is so encouraging to one another & it's so awesome to be a part of a group of women building each other up. 

What is your most impressive derby injury?

A few sprains, lots of bruises. Nothing too impressive & hopefully it stays that way! 

Other sports you have played?


Do you have any advice for people thinking about trying derby?

Just make up your mind & do it. Don't make excuses. It won't be easy but it will be fun!



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