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Marshall Law #87


Position:  Blocker


Birthday: March 29, 1989


Year started playing derby: 2014


Likes: Music from the 90s, Indian tacos, my skates, watching movies with my husband, annoying my husband, skating with my little sisters and cousins, black t-shirts, red velvet cake


Dislikes: Frogs, most humans, the way my pads smell if I leave them in my gym bag too long, injuries, bad drivers (SEE: most humans)


Favorite food: All the food.


Why did you pick your name and number?

My derby name is a combination of my last name (Marshall) and Martial Law which, without getting into too much detail, is about maintaining security. Isn’t that perfect for a blocker?! It also kind of ties into my military background. My number is the year my husband was born.


Why did you decide on playing derby?

Roller derby always sounded interesting and like something I would be in to. When I lived in Maryland, every year I would tell myself I would go try out for the Charm City Roller Girls but I just never pulled the trigger. After I moved back to Oklahoma and heard there was a team in my hometown I knew I had to jump on it.


What is your favorite thing about derby?

Each practice and each bout you learn something new. Derby is a never ending physical challenge, AND I LOVE IT.


What is your most impressive derby injury?

I actually haven’t had an “impressive” one yet. Only minor scrapes and bruises.


Other sports you have played?

Softball, golf, cheerleading---if that counts ;), uuhhhhh…I played a lot of flag football in the Army.


Do you have any advice for people thinking about trying derby?

My advice…..SUIT UP! You should definitely give it a shot. It’s a great experience and it’s not as scary as you think it is.



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