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Jack'd Up #44


Position: Blocker


Why did you pick your derby name and number?

My name is Jackie, so Jack'd Up seem appropriate! My number is 44 which started with my dad's football number in High School and has been in the family since. My sisters and brother have proudly sported it, including through their college careers.


Started playing derby:  October of 2014


Birthday: August 28


Favorite ice cream:  Strawberry short cake from Braums.


Derby Likes: Everything, the hitting, the intensity, and going fast!


Derby Dislikes: I love everything about derby!  If I had any dislikes, it would be the smelly ride home or the morning after a bout.


Favorite Food: Umm...all food!


Hobbies: I like to play with my kids, travel, and sometimes try my hand in golf!


Why did you decide on playing derby?

I HATE to exercise and need something that interested me that would be some kind of physical activity, so that is where derby came in! Went to watch the Mac-Town Sugar Skulls in McAlester, OK and was hooked!


What is your favorite thing about roller derby?

The physical part, I am aggressive and have always been "rough" so I fit in well with derby!


What is your most impressive derby injury?

I have not had an impressive one yet and I hope not to!


Do you have any advice for people thinking about trying derby?

Play in one game and you will be hooked!



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