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Dress T. Kill #15


Position: Blocker but will jam.


Why did you pick your derby name and number?

Dress T. Kill really suited me. I tend to dress up for any situation, even derby. DTK was given to me during a bout because it was quicker to say during line up. It stuck more.


Year started playing derby:  2010


Birthday: November 12

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Reese’s Alfredo, and chicken!


Favorite ice cream:  Dairy Queen’s Reese's cup blizzard


Likes: My Bandy boy, Family, shopping, skating, running, and traveling


Dislikes: Spicy foods, dishes, early mornings


Hobbies: Roller derby, photography, studying spiritual reading material,Zumba, spending time with close family and friends..


What do you like about roller derby?

I love the mental and physical strength you gain.


What is your most impressive derby injury?

Cracked tailbone during a bout.


Do you have any advice for people thinking about trying derby?

Absolutely give it a real shot. It will be worth it.



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