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Dashing Diva #77


Why did you pick your derby name and number?

I picked my derby name after a lot of consideration. I wanted something that had to do with me. I am a singer/songwriter and that is mainly why I picked the Diva part and a lot of times I act like a diva...hence Dashing Diva. The reason I picked my number 77 was because I have always thought 7 was God's favorite number and have always used it for different things in my life. Double 7 is even better!


Year started playing derby:  2016


Birthday: July 28, 1977

Favorite Food: Mexican


Favorite ice cream:  Cookies n' Cream from Braum's


Likes: Music, playing piano, singing, songwriting, skating!, being active and outdoors, hanging with friends

Dislikes: drama, traffic, anger, hatred


What do you like about roller derby?

I love the camaraderie..being part of a team and something to work towards, I love the challenge and also that women are encouraged to have a good body is rewarded to be strong and beautiful. 


Do you have any advice for people thinking about trying derby?

I got into roller derby to give myself someway to distract myself from the divorce I was going through but found it was so much more than that! It is very addicting and the more I am in it the more I love it! It is very challenging but so rewarding!!



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