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Backroad Barbie #20


Position: Blocker


Why did you pick your derby name and number?

When I started derby, I had extremely long blonde hair, and I called it my Barbie hair. And the Backroad comes from loving to drive around in the country and have a good time. So... Backroad Barbie!!
And #20 was for 2.0 because I took a few years off and came back as a new version


Year started playing derby:  2010


Birthday: February 24

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Tacos, BBQ, Queso, Margaritas


Favorite ice cream:  I'd rather have an ice cream flavored snow cone!


Likes: Watching baseball, girls' nights, being tan, going to the lake, and beers with all of those


Dislikes: Bad grammar, rude drivers, spiders, and people who make noise when they chew

Other sports you've played: Softball


What do you like about roller derby?

I really like to hit people. And I love having fun with my teammates!


What is your most impressive derby injury?

Sprained shoulder and wrist at the same time or a torn meniscus. Not sure which was more impressive. Ha!


Do you have any advice for people thinking about trying derby?

Try it! Give it a good shot. If it's not for you, at least you can say you did it, and you'll get to meet some awesome people!!


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